Our highly qualified staff can provide competent answers to every possible customs-related question.
We are especially experienced with regard to the customs procedures for the movement of goods to and through the Netherlands,
Exports within the Single European Market as well as global exports (continental and intercontinental), plus
  All the corresponding transit rules and regulations (known as T-documents).
Our customers benefit from our time and cost-saving electronic customs clearance procedures. This allows us almost unlimited flexibility which we use to your advantage.
Thanks to our highly effective NTCS system we can also offer electronic transit processing. This results in very good cost-effectiveness with all the advantages of speed (e.g. e-mail) and flexibility.
Among other things, we can take charge of:
Applications for binding tariff information (BTI - Bindende Tarief Informatie)
  Applications for binding origin information (BOI - Bindende Oorsrong Informatie)
  Applications for licences for inward and outward processing.
  The preparation of and application for certificates of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
For the Netherlands, we hold the newly-introduced licence as
TA - Authorized Dispatcher (Toegelaten Afzender)
This enables us to work even faster, more efficiently and economically for our customers.
You will always receive formal confirmation of the clearance of your transit documents, mostly within 24 to 48 hours.
Should you receive goods by air freight from Shipol airport in the Netherlands or by sea freight from Rotterdam harbour, we will process the necessary air and sea freight documents for you.
If required, we can also temporarily store the goods for you in a bonded warehouse.
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