The so-called EU intra community trade statistics are collected
In Germany by the "Federal Statistical Office" in Wiesbaden.
  In the Netherlands by the "Centraal Bureau voor Statistik" (Central Statistical Office) in Heerlen.
  In Austria by "Statistics Austria" in Vienna.
  In France by the Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques (INSEE) - (National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies) in Paris
The intra-Eurooean trade currents are statistically analysed and the results, in the form of a foreign trade balance, show the economic relations between the Member States of the EU.
If you import or export goods from or to other EU Member States, these movements of goods might be subject to registration with INTRASTAT. If you fail to comply with this obligation to register, you may have to pay an administration fine.
We can represent you at the various authorities as a third party declarant. This saves you considerable administrative expense and additional work, allowing you to concentrate fully on your real business.
We an carry out the registrations from your invoice (invoicing service). You will then receive a monthly confirmation of the registered invoices which, at the same time, serve as the basis for assessment of the sales tax you have to pay to the tax office. This also avoids registrations differing between the authorities and the tax offices.
Invoicing Service for crossborder internal company trade
The different rules and regulations concerning Value Added Tax (VAT), namely
Germany: MWSt.
  Netherlands: BTW
  Austria: MWSt.
as well as the various tax rates require internal invoices in the case of the crossborder dispatch of goods between the different branches of a single company.
We would be happy to carry out this internal invoicing for you. You can thus be sure that all the necessary formalities will have been complied with and the documents submitted in time for the goods to cross the border.
The invoices issued can, of course, also be directly processed further for other services offered within our company (e.g. INTRASTAT).