Our offices also offer additional services to our customers.
Especially for those customers who do not have their own "local offices", we can offer the joint use of our facilities; a fee will be charged depending on the duration of use.
We will write your short memos, copy, scan and send your urgent faxes and e-mails, and do the routine work for you.
Journey authorisation
Would you like to transport flowers and plants on a Sunday or public holiday from the Netherlands to Germany or through Germany?
You probably know that there is a general driving ban for lorries on Sundays and public holidays in Germany. However, it is possible to apply for an exemption permit for the transport of flowers and plants.
We can apply to the authorities for the necessary exemption permit on your behalf so that you can deliver your goods to your customers on time.
Do you need a business address in one of the cities where we have an office? We can offer you a "letter box", an address and forwarding of your mail.
For this service, we require you to prove to us your integrity as well as your legitimate and legal interest in this service. We do not offer cover for bogus companies.